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[SMW Vol.5] Ep.5 Binance Integrates ChatGPT Into Binance Academy


The largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance has announced the integration of ChatGPT into its web3 educational platform, Binance Academy. The service offers online courses covering such topics as crypto, web3, and blockchain. Notably, the educational platform is available for both Binance users and the general public.

Using OpenAI’s technology, the company has developed an artificial intelligence-powered bot called “Binance Sensei.” The bot is trained to educate users on over a thousand courses and articles available on Binance’s educational platform and other reliable open sources. It also has access to the glossary, making it easier for new blockchain users to understand basic topics.

The chatbot facilitates users’ navigation on the platform, enabling an intuitive and fast search. The tool has a user-friendly interface – individuals only need to put a few keywords or questions in the chat window to find a topic of interest. The technology allows users to dive into complex themes more interactively.

Binance Sensei is already live on the exchange’s educational platform. At the moment, the chatbot is only available in English. However, according to the official announcement, the platform will soon integrate more languages.


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